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CSIRO Clayton Manufacturing Team awarded Melbourne Achievers Award by Committee for Melbourne

CSIRO’s Manufacturing Flagship located in Clayton was awarded the 2015 Melbourne Achiever Award. Presented to an individual or organisation which has made a significant and sustained contribution to Melbourne that will leave a lasting legacy, CSIRO Clayton joins an exclusive list of previous winners including Dame Elizabeth Murdoch, The Melbourne Zoo, The Australian Open Tennis Championships and last year’s winner, the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute. Joined on stage by Director of CSIRO’s Melbourne Precincts, Ros Hore, Chad Henry, Manager of the additive manufacturing Lab and Dr Matthew Hill, Head of Integrated Nonporous Materials research, CEO Kate Roffey discussed some of the world-leading, cutting-edge research and developments of this group.

Recently, the CSIRO Manufacturing team were part of a group that created the world’s first 3D printed titanium jet engine, and it was Chad Henry’s ARCAM printing lab which printed a 3D replica of a man's cancerous bone that saved his lower leg from being amputated.
Dr Matthew Hill also spoke about his world-leading work in Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs), and while most of us could not hope to understand how the teaspoon full of blue crystals on show could possibly have a surface area greater than the MCG, the capacity for these MOFs to change the world is clear. Congratulations to the whole team of the CSIRO Manufacturing Flagship – outstanding contributors to our future.