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New Instruments & Capabilities

In a serious advance for wafer processing consistency, throughput and efficiency, MCN has recently installed a Pico Track PCT-150RRE in the class 100 cleanroom to enable automated spin-coating and development of wafers.

A photolithography tool which is used for all process steps before and after exposure, the track system offers users options for both high throughput and single wafer runs while utilising a fully automated and precise robotic system. It is capable of running wafer sizes of 4" and 6" diameter with no change over requirements. Comprised of numerous spin modules, the system can adapt to virtually all photolithography processes with precision and produce patterned wafers with extremely high uniformity. The track system automates all steps continuously including adhesion promoter, pre-baking, resist coating, edge-bead removal (EBR), development, and post-baking.  

In addition to the Pico Track, MCN has installed a stand-alone automated developer system for enhanced photolithography processing. Capable of running 2" up to 6" wafer sizes, this new developer system can be used by itself, or in-conjunction with the Pico Track to provide more resist development options for the users of MCN.

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